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The patented ZephyrBus GRT / StratoCar PRT mass transportation system will save cities millions and would benefit the city on many levels. The StratoCar runs on a fixed track with push button or touch screen controls and includes train type switching stations on solid TripleTrack Transportation support structure, traveling from station to station, rapidly transporting commuters to their desired destinations. The entire track and switching system would be covered by a canopy that includes solar panels and protects the tracks from ice and snow, making this a reliable all weather system. The solar panels would provide a significant percentage of the power required to operate the system. Contact

The future of unmanned mass transportation and remote freight shipments

Ideal for northern communities

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ZephyrBus 20 passenger GRT / StratoCar 6 passenger PRT is a


using Revolutionary Design.

A viable solution to problems of traffic congestion, pollution and subsidies.

Construction, Operation and Maintenance costs are many times less than current systems.

ZephyrBus GRT / StratoCar PRT is the only profitable mass transport solution.

The world’s best 21st century urban transit system.

Technically the most advanced, ZephyrBus GRT  / StratoCar PRT has the least interference to daily functioning of the city during construction.

A solution which reduces traffic congestion and automotive pollution while raising the quality of urban life.

This state-of-the-art public transport will save authorities millions of dollars in development costs and annual infrastructure. ZephyrBus GRT  / StratoCar PRT is the most economically viable system.

ZephyrBus GRT  / StratoCar PRT provides capacity, speed, safety and comfort for passengers.

ZephyrBus GRT  / StratoCar moves - when nothing else can.


The basic objective of PRT in any city is to integrate key sites with other transport hubs.

GRT / PRT systems typically provide

  • Significantly reduced traffic congestion, especially during peak hours

  • Increased accessibility within the city

  • Fare levels LOWER than existing public transport on a passenger per kilometer basis

  • Decreased road traffic resulting in shorter journey times for vehicles which require road use

  • Reduced infrastructure development, maintenance costs and disruption


  • Better cost performance than other kinds of public transport

  • Energy efficiency – external power supply (energy savings) and lowest possible consumption (light vehicles, minimal surface friction, direct drive electric motors)

  • Reliability - simplicity of mechanical design

  • High passenger capacity

  • Light construction, less invasive infrastructure

  • No interference with existing vehicular traffic

  • A major attraction for visitors

  • Personalized service to hotels, shops, commercial businesses and tourist attractions

  • Generates its own power from solar panels placed above stops and guideways

  • Can be seamlessly extended

  • Construction does not require exclusive service corridors

  • Payload Ratio -1,000 kg pod weight, carrying capacity 4,000 kg

Fail-safe operation

City Transport Problems

  • Rapidly growing population and visitor numbers are overloading transportation infrastructure and resources while increasing air pollution.

  • Most public transport systems require major capital development as well as large subsidies to keep them operating.

  • There is demand for a scalable, self-funding and profitable system which serves local population, tourism, and commerce.

These universal problems cannot be solved by any means other than Personal Rapid Transit.

"We can’t solve problems by using the

same thinking

we used when we created them."

...Albert Einstein

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U.S. patent number 8,494,694 [Application Number 12/508,678] was granted by the patent office on 2013-07-23 for mass transportation system. The grantee listed for this patent is Raymond Dueck. Invention is credited to Raymond Dueck.

United States Patent 8,494,694
Dueck July 23, 2013

Mass transportation system


A mass transportation system for efficiently transporting a plurality of passengers along a predetermined path from a loading station to an unloading station. The transportation system generally includes a support structure, a track positioned above ground level via the support structure, and a carrier vehicle operable along the track. A first control module operable by a passenger is located outside the carrier vehicle upon a loading station for signaling the carrier vehicle to stop along the track at the loading station and a second control module operable by the passenger is located inside the carrier vehicle for signaling the carrier vehicle to stop along the track at an unloading station.



3D CAD Animation Video

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