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ZephyrBus is a Group Rapid Transit (GRT) system with 20 passenger cars

StratoCar is Personal Rapid Transit (PRT) with smaller cars

This unique patented system is the

Mass Transportation System for the 21st century

It moves - when nothing else can

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ZephyrBus is a GRT PUBLIC TRANSPORT SYSTEM using Revolutionary Design.

It offers a viable solution to problems of traffic congestion, pollution and subsidies.

Construction, Operation and Maintenance costs are many times less than current systems.

ZephyrBus GRT and StratoCar PRT is the only profitable mass transport solution.

The world’s best 21st century urban transit system.

Technically the most advanced, ZephyrBus GRT and StratoCar PRT system has the least interference to daily functioning of the city during construction.

A solution which reduces traffic congestion and automotive pollution while raising the quality of urban life.

This state-of-the-art public transport will save authorities millions of dollars in development costs and annual infrastructure. StratoCar PRT is the most economically viable system.

StratoCar PRT provides capacity, speed, safety and comfort for passengers.

ZephyrBus GRT and StratoCar PRT moves - when nothing else can.


The basic objective of PRT/GRT in any city is to integrate key sites with other transport hubs.

PRT/GRT systems typically provide


Fail-safe operation

City Transport Problems

These universal problems cannot be solved by any means other than Personal Rapid Transit.

"We can’t solve problems by using the

same thinking we used when we created them." ...Albert Einstein

Raymond Dueck 204-782-2112 Raymond@StratoCar.com

1. Describe The “Purpose” Of Your Idea.

The unique StratoCar is this century’s answer to rapid and efficient mass transportation needs in cities of any size. The support tower structure can be built to accommodate any terrain, to go across city streets, over, through, or between buildings and would generally be installed above city owned properties and roadways.

The structure could consist of steel tubing, concrete beams, and other structures to provide stability and safety over longer spans. Generally the cars would be controlled to remain separated by 100’ or more to prevent overloading of the support structures.

Stations could be located at ground level or attached to existing buildings with access from buildings at a higher level to keep sidewalks and roadways open to vehicle and pedestrian traffic. Ground level stations would be accessed with a side ramp track.

Commercial Application

This system can also be adapted as a freight and transportation system into remote Canadian communities.


2. Describe The “Physical Structure” Of Your Idea (If Applicable).


The StratoCar runs on a fixed track with push button or touch screen controls and includes train type switching stations on solid TripleTrack Transportation support structure, traveling from station to station, rapidly transporting commuters to their desired destinations.

The entire track and switching system would be covered by a canopy that includes solar panels and protects the tracks from ice and snow, making this a reliable all weather system. The solar panels would provide a significant percentage of the power required to operate the system.


3. Describe How Your Idea “Operates/Functions”.


Tracks would have the ability to switch like railroad tracks to allow a car to stop at any one station, while allowing a non-stopping car to bypass the car in the station. Each car is electronically controlled like an elevator car.

Commuters calling for a ride would press the call button for the next available car to stop at the station and after getting into the car, would select their desired destination on the control panel. The automatic car system would control speed, car separation, and stops. A car reaching 75% of capacity would not stop at a station not already selected if another car is coming within 2 minutes.


4. Describe The “Unique Features” Of Your Idea.


Light weight cars engineered to transport 20 people or 4,000 kg freight with controlled car separation, supported by a triple truss structure, requires a relatively lightweight engineered track structure. This makes it far less costly to install than dedicated bus lanes or light rapid transit trains. Cars are electrically powered and may reach speeds of 80 kmph or more. Central electrical power supply supplemented with solar power is clean, and cars could travel inside malls and office buildings for optimum convenience to the traveling public.

Stations located at ground level require less than 20'x10' dedicated ground level shelter.

Stations along Portage Avenue would be connected to the existing downtown walkways on the 2nd level.


Mass Transportation option with patented StratoCar

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The patented StratoCar mass transportation system will save the city millions and would benefit the city on many levels.

The proposed bus corridor is an opportunity to explore some cost saving options:

1. With the StratoCar students will get to University many minutes faster. The StratoCar would get them there quietly and more efficiently.

2. Roads need to be built for business traffic. On average every vehicle on the road costs the economy $100+ per hour. Every $ a business spends keeping the vehicles on the road unnecessarily, directly impacts the taxes they pay at the end of the year. Lower costs = profits = taxes. Good roads PAY!

By switching some of the bus traffic to the StratoCar system many bus vehicles would be taken off the road, thereby improving the commercial travel flow reducing costs for everyone.

3. When vehicles stop and start they produce exponentially more greenhouse gas emissions, costing us in climate change costs. The electrically powered StratoCar has NO negative environmental impacts.

4. Potholes need to be dealt with for everyone's sake. Cars get wrecked, and people get hurt. Resurfacing the streets of Winnipeg adds significantly to Winnipeg's costs to maintain status as a world class city. Potholes make a city feel "dumpy"Load / unload stratocar

StratoCar takes traffic a lot of traffic off the road and reduces the pothole count.

Because this is a new invention, we'd be willing to work with any engineering firm in the city to build the first project at cost. We expect the system would SAVE the city about 75% of the current corridor capital cost projections, and SAVE 90% of the ongoing cost per rider over the next 20 years.

The StratoCar could potentially become a profit centre for city operations!

We would be happy to meet with you at your convenience to discuss this further.

Instead of a multi-million dollar walking bridge across Pembina Highway, this would be a good location to build the first loop of the StratoCar system:

West side of Pembina (SuperStore) to Investors Field stadium at U of M , with the view to extending it to St Vital mall


Downtown to Transcona


Harkness to Red River College downtown to RRC Notre Dame and the Richardson airport

Check out United States Patent 8,494,694

StratoCar Economic Analysis: KG $ Total
10,000 M Overhead tramway track structure 100 1,000,000 $10 $10,000,000
300 Track support posts 500 150,000 $10 $1,500,000
100 StratoCars (max 1 per support post) $50,000 $5,000,000
10 Load / Unload Stations $1,000,000 $10,000,000
Total Capital Cost $26,500,000
Per km $2,650,000
Capital Cost Calculation per Commuter km travelled
100 StratoCars passengers/car.. Total 20 2,000
50 ave km/hr.. commuter km per hour 100,000 commuter km / hr
10 hrs/day.. hrs/year.. commuter km/yr 365 3,650 365,000,000 commuter km / yr
20 year Amortization... Commuter km 73,000 7,300,000,000 $0.0036 Cost / commuter km
Annual Operating Costs
Repair and Maintenance 7% $1,855,000
365,000 hrs/yr Hydro Cost.. KW.. Price/kw 29.8 $0.12 $1,306,466 40 hp electric motor
365,000 hrs other operating costs $2,612,933
$5,774,399 $0.0158 Cost / commuter km
Total Cost per commuter km $0.0195
30% Total Cost per commuter km at 30% full $0.0648


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